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Multireflexology - Comet Detector

Multireflexology - Comet Detector


Perfect for beginners and good for all skin types, the Comet is a detoxifying Multireflex tool used to regain balance in facial reflexology self -care or professional treatments. The thick end of this detector is used for stimulation of delicate skin.  Its triple detector end has a cooling effect and can stimulate larger surfaces on the face. The basis behind many detoxifying treatments is to unblock the lymphatic system. Use of the comet detector can serves calm and assist with multiple disorders. Obtain yin effects with the triple detector side of the tool or yang effects with the thick detector of the other end. Non-invasive way to auto-regulate meridians, function and energy of organs or other related areas of the diagrams (see minibook) used in facial reflexology.


How to: 

Use a comfortable amount of continued pressure, without damaging the skin. Stimulate areas of tenderness or as directed by a practitioner. Start by pressing between 10 to 30 seconds with either the single or three pronged side, perpendicular to the surface. Each side can be used in a gentle massaging motion on tender or knotted areas on the face being aware of skin sensitivities.