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Gentle Eye Makeup Removing Balm

A rich and silky eye makeup removing balm that gently breaks down eye makeup and eliminates impurities, letting your natural skin and delicate lashes breathe.   

Leaping Bunny cruelty free certified
Gluten free
Vegan(with the exception of beeswax sourced from social enterprise Hives for Humanity)


2 oz 57 g

For external use only discontinue if irritation occurs. Best when used within 12 months of opening.

Cocos nucifera (extra virgin, Organic, Cold Pressed Coconut) Oil, Local Canadian Beeswax, Organic, Cold Pressed Canola Oil


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is commonly used as a skin moisturizer due to its vitamin E content and positive antioxidant action in the body. Antioxidants help stop tissue damage in the body and prohibit oxidation, one of the major sources of skin aging. Its anti-microbial properties can also be useful with things like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Beeswax: Offers anti-inflammatory properties making it helpful when treating skin irritation. When applied to the skin, beeswax forms a protective barrier that helps protect it from environmental assaults while also holding in moisture. Like honey, beeswax has antibacterial properties which makes it a natural preservative. A great treatment on dermatitis, eczema, or any type of itching related to a skin condition. It is an anti-allergenic making it easily tolerated by even those with reactive skin.


Allergy Warning: Contains tree nut oils

*essential oil **organic

Get a small amount out of the jar on your finger. Rub your fingers together melting the product. 

Rub the product around your eyes and onto eyelashes. Do not worry if you get some in your eyes it is not harmful and shouldn’t sting or burn in anyway.

Rinse Clean making sure to rinse off all the product.

Follow up with cleansing ritual. 


Ingredients in this balm are sourced from social enterprises working to create positive change.  We aim to join them in their efforts by donating partial sales from the purchase of this product to impactful organizations striving to make the world a better place. 

This gentle and nourishing eye makeup removing balm was created with people and planet in mind.  The ingredients are sourced from a not for profit, social enterprises+ family run sustainable farm.

About Hives for Humanity:

Local Canadian Beeswax - Hives for Humanity, Vancouver BC

Sourced locally with bees and bee population as the companies primary mandate.

Hives for Humanity is a non-profit organization that encourages community connections through apiculture, more commonly known as beekeeping. Through mentorship based programming we create flexible opportunities for people to engage in the therapeutic culture that surrounds the hive; we foster connectivity to nature and to each other; we participate in local sustainable economies; we support at-risk populations of people and pollinators, and we do so with respect and joy.

Check them out! @hivesforhumanity

About Naked Coconuts:

Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – Naked Coconuts

Sourced from small, independent farms in the Philippines.

"At Naked Coconuts, we believe in triple profits – a new way of evaluating profit. That means we work hard to ensure our profits benefit our purpose, our communities and our planet. With each being of equal importance.

After all, our efforts to live a healthy life would be in vain if our community and planet gets forgotten."  Founder Paul Gill

Check them out! @nakedcoconuts 

About Seed to Table Farms:

Organic, Unrefined, Cold Pressed Canola Oil - Seed to Table Farms, Kelowna BC

Organic, fresh and pressed on the farm!

"We are a business set on improving lives by creating the healthiest, most nutritious organic products we possibly can."