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How do I know which box I need?
We've designed a skin survey filled with questions leading you to your ideal skin ceremony.  TAKE THE SURVEY for our box recommendation or simply choose the box you think would be best suited for you!

When will my card be charged?
Your card will be charged at the time of your first box purchase (when you sign up) and every 2 months after that on the anniversary date of your first box purchase. 

-September 23rd first box sign up - card charged - box ships on on this date every 2 months.
-November 23rd - second box charged - box ships on this date every 2 months.

Can I pick up my products at the Harlow Atelier and get them refilled? Yes!  If you live in Vancouver or close by you may select the local pick up option.  If you would like to refill (anytime after your first box) one or more of your goods please leave us a note on which products you’d like to refill, don’t forget to bring your empty, unwashed vessels when you come to pickup your box! 

Refillable product options:
-Face, body and eye elixirs
-Dry face masks
-Flora toners

When can I sign up for a subscription?
Boxes will close for ordering and selections 7 days before your ship date. Your 2 month box cycle begins the day your first box ships.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

When you sign up to our subscription service you will be committing to a minimum of 6 months of service.  This will result in 3 delivered boxes.  

Can I add additional products to my order and get the same discount? 
Your subscription box will contain 4 products, you may not add additional products to the order however you may make a separate purchase and notify us if you wish them to be shipped all together, the product discount will not apply to additional products.

Can I receive less than 4 products in my box? 
No, our boxes are set at 4 products per box but you may completely personalize what products you receive!

When will my box ship? 
Your box will ship once every 2 months on the anniversary of your first box payment you will only receive your subscription box every 2 months.

If you have any further questions at all please email feel free to use our chat box online!

Happy skin caring!!