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Flore - Moon Garden Spirit Water
Flore - Moon Garden Spirit Water
Flore - Moon Garden Spirit Water

Flore - Moon Garden Spirit Water


Artisan co distillation waters of our Lavender, Coastal Mugwort, Bay Laurel, & Clary Sage with essential oils and absolutes of Lavender, Geranium, Iris, Orange Blossoms, Tansy, Marjoram, Clary Sage, Cypress & Patchouli

Like the Lunar Goddess Artemis & like the moon, invites us to travel with her from the material world into the magical. May be used for dream work, moon rituals, preparation for rest & emotional purification.  A scent from another time.

Floral Herbaceous

purification // astral travel // calming // intuition

In house artisan copper distilled botanical waters,  unveiling the spirit of the plant, resin & wood, then infused with sustainably wild foraged plant extracts & essential oils. Lunar charged with both Smokey & Lemurian quartz crystals.  Formulated as a Eau Fraiche with up to 3% natural perfume essences, enhancing their beauty.  Beautifully protected with midnight glass in a black velvet bag.

Ritual: Always shake gently before each use & spritz as a light personal fragrance for the hair, aura, body and room with lingering notes of sensory pleasure.

*these floral waters contain essential oils, so always use caution around eyes and check contradictions with pregnancy and epilepsy.  The more you spritz the more condensed the scent will become, as essential oils float to the top.