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Green Room Body Co

Green Room Body Co- Claw Clips

Green Room Body Co- Claw Clips

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Claw clips are back and they are definitely here to stay and continue their reign as the new holy grail of hair accessories. Available in multiple sizes to cover the entire spectrum of hair thickness, length, and texture, the struggle to find a clip that actually holds your hair in place is over.

We could dress up the features in an elegantly written paragraph, but we’ll just get right to the point and save us all the time.

  • Timeless design is both chic and functional - effortlessly supports hair all day and into the evening

  • Square shape ensures teeth lay flat and do not poke into the back of the head

  • Exceptional spring recoil for a secure and budge-free hold that does not damage hair, pull on roots, or cause headaches

  • Cellulose acetate material is high-quality, extremely durable, and resistant to breakage

It’s really quite amazing how perfectly claw clips embody “capsule wardrobe” and “no bad hair days”, but hey, we're not arguing. Especially since these clips have officially replaced stretched out hair ties hanging off our wrists and matted hair on top of hot sticky necks. They’re so comfortable, sometimes we even fall asleep wearing them (bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ~ I woke up like this ~). 

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