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Helena Lane- Sun Cream
Helena Lane- Sun Cream
Helena Lane- Sun Cream

Helena Lane- Sun Cream


For all skin types.

A gentle blend of natural moisturizing ingredients and mineral sunscreens.

    • Broad spectrum protection from UVA & UVB rays using the safe mineral Zinc Oxide (non-nano).
    • Easily applied, easily absorbed, non-whitening, non-sticky formula (YEAH!).
    • Nourishing, soothing base made with certified organic, unrefined plant oils, butters and waxes.
    • Unscented and safe for everyone, including babies over 6 months
    • 81% certified organic ingredients, 19% zinc oxide

Please note that these products have not been evaluated by Health Canada and therefore cannot be assigned an SPF rating. The percentage of zinc oxide combined with the natural UV filters of the base ingredients can give protection comparable to SPF 30. However all skin is different and can tolerate different amounts of sun. When using my sun cream please be vigilant in reapplying regularly, especially after being in the water or sweating.
The best protection from the sun is wearing long sleeves, long legs and a hat!

These formulations have been tested on adult and child volunteers for a few summers with great success, I’m confident you will love them too.