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Moon Time Candle - Period Candle - Preorder
Moon Time Candle - Period Candle - Preorder
Moon Time Candle - Period Candle - Preorder

Moon Time Candle - Period Candle - Preorder


3.5 years after giving birth to my daughter I knew when my period returned I wanted to honour it. Choosing to receive it as a gift coming back to my body, myself, my time.

Your moon time candle comes housed in a creamy onyx, stone vessel with a glass candle insert.  Your onyx vessel is a one time purchase, with future glass insert candles available for refilling your moon time candle. 

Light this candle to honour your time, the gift of our beautiful connection to nature.  Let the soft glow emanating  from the creamy stone vessel remind you to intentionally serve your body and your time.

We are offering tiered pricing in 3 different preorders.

1st tier
April 10th- May 1st
One Moon Time candle + one additional replacement candle insert
$120 - retail value - $200
This first launch is on my 40th birthday so I am offering an additional candle insert as my gift to you($80 savings). : )

2nd tier 
May 20th - June 8th
One Moon Time candle
$120 - retail value $160

3rd tier
July 1st - July 14th
One Moon Time candle
$140 - retail value $160

These beautiful pieces are available exclusively through preorder and will ship September 1st, 2022

Stunning artwork by local artist goddess Ananda Enns 

Slow down, nourish, rest and replenish while sipping in the deep, grounding and comforting aromas of honeysuckle, vetiver, lavender and vanilla. 

I hope I can invite you to create a beautiful environment and honour your time whether or not you bleed, the moon can be your guide toward a nurturing practice of self love and care.