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Pranic Forest- I Am Awake Roll On

Pranic Forest- I Am Awake Roll On


 This roll on formula was created to assist with opening the third eye. It is a great oil for meditation, but it is also helpful in headache relief, or a midday pick me up. 

It’s scent is very fresh, invigorating, and uplifting.

This is a blend of violet leaf, peppermint, lavender, blue lotus, lemon, juniper, and petitgrain, in fractionated coconut oil. 

How to use:
Roll over temples, onto the forehead chakra, and over the heart area. Bareful not to get into the eyes.

Not suitable for pregnant, nursing moms, or children.

Comes in 10 ml glass roll on ​

All of our products are free from animal fats, synthetics, parabens, plastics, and chemical preservatives, petrol chemical free and cruelty free.