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Build a Box- Brightening Skin Ceremony

Build a Box- Brightening Skin Ceremony


Sun lit, fresh skin with our selection of brightening botanicals designed to give your skin an  ultimate dose of glow.


Sun Face Elixir - 1 oz  30ml
Darling Flora Toner - 2 oz  60ml
Muse Coconut Exfoliating Mask - 50g
Natural Skin Gloss - 0.3oz 15ml

Spritz calming, anti inflammatory Darling flora toner on clean, dry skin (we also love it as a makeup priming + setting spray or hydration boost throughout the day).  Follow up with complexion brightening Sun Face elixir + Natural skin gloss swiped on cheeks, lips + eyes for subtle. Gently exfoliate away the day with Muse coconut mask as a cleanser or apply as a mask to pull out debris + remove surface dead skin cells. 

Sun Face Elixir is great to use if your skin feels dull, dehydrated, or if you got too much sun!  Will help reduce the appearance of sunspots with continued use.

Seabuckthorn Oil - High in Vitamin C, an ingredient known to permeate the skin and help reduce the appearance of sunspots over time.  This beautiful ingredient is also a high source of Omega 7 (palmitooleic acid) which contains Vitamin A, it is also a rich source of Omega 3, 6 +  contributing to it’s superior antioxidant + blood circulating properties facilitating oxygenation of the skin. 

Darling Flora Toner is great for all skin types but especially gentle on sensitive skin.

Chamomile Floral Water - Helps to soothe + calm dry, sensitive or irritated skin, a superior anti inflammatory..

Muse Coconut Exfoliating Mask gently exfoliate away surface debris + surface dead skin cells while nourishing with green clay + hydrating with coconut flour.

French Pink Clay - Great for dry + sensitive skin types. Pink clay leaves skin silky soft + smooth, promotes a radiant + balanced complexion.

1/4 teaspoon for one mask or cleansing.

Natural Skin Gloss  hydrate lips + decorate your face with a subtle apricot sheen.

Beeswax- When applied to the skin it creates a protective barrier.  It is a superior humectant, drawing moisture to the surface and locking in hydration.  Antibacterial + anti allergenic. It also contains raw cocoa butter, so it smells like chocolate! 

Apply directly to cheeks, lips, or eyes + blend.

Your subscription box is 100% personal + environmentally conscious
We don’t want you to have products you won’t use so we’re doing things a little differently. Every subscription cycle (2 months) we will unlock 8 additional products that you can choose to swap in place of your initial 4 products, this gives you an opportunity to try something new or finish up what you still have before you receive it again.

You always have the option to receive the same box or some of the same products from your initial selections.

On the 1st of the month that your box is set to ship you will receive an email to select your products. If you need more time you will receive a reminder email on the 8th of the month to make sure you have had the chance to make your selections. If you do not make your selections at this time you will receive the products from your initial box selection.  Your box will lock on the 10th of the month for shipping on the 15th.

Indulge in your skin and commit to your ceremonies.

When you sign up for your subscription box, you will be committing to a minimum 6 months of service (3 delivered boxes).  Your credit card will be charged at the time you sign up for your first box and then on the anniversary of your sign up every 2 months. This is also when your box will ship. 

In store pick up at the Harlow Atelier is available for Vancouver folks, please select local pickup in shipping options.

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