Encouraging You To Waste Less - EARTH FIRST BUNDLE

Encouraging You To Waste Less - EARTH FIRST BUNDLE


We want you to meet five companies who connect you to the earth that grounds you.

Self-care isn’t just about mind and body, it is also about space and home. We’re highlighting a few companies who consider how to bring rituals, practices and products to their community that are both kind to the user and the earth.

Meet Elate Cosmetics.

We’re inspired by their ability to see beauty as a ritual, as opposed to a habit. Elate is earth conscious from the inside out, with vegan ingredients and sustainable packaging. We love the Essential Mascara — with a bamboo wrapped tube, the Essential Mascara is as kind to your eyes as it is to the environment. Made for sensitive eyes (tear, sweat and water resistant) this takes you through all your days challenges.

After happy eyes comes a happy smile. 

Nelson Naturals has a mission that we stand by

to create natural toothpaste clean of the many harmful chemicals present in nearly all major brands. The Crush and Brush toothpaste is easy to use and easy to love. Pop a tablet in your mouth, experience effervescent fizzing and foaming, wet the brush and brush teeth. Smile knowing that your toothpaste has you and the environment covered.

Selfcare should also consider kindness and consideration of your body. This next company creates products for beauty, body, home and more.

It’s us, Harlow.

Filled with whole ingredients, love and knowledge that we’re empowered to share with you. With a mission to bring clean, effortless and dependable products and rituals to our global community, we want to be your baselayer. Whether you’ve had a crap week at work or the kids are sick we think you deserve a ‘spa day’. The Body + Bath Elixir  is one of our favourite products. With aromas of spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus, the Body + Bath Elixir is a hydrating blend of botanical oils designed for body + bath created to enhance your pre or post cleansing rituals. We love to add a few drops to the bath, but you can also apply directly the body for extra hydration.

Earth first isn’t all about self, we want to teach you how to bring earth conscious practices into your home.

Meet Barter Designs.

A design company wholeheartedly connected to its origins. Barter is born from a belief that if they look to their natural environment, they will find abundance in materials and natures design. While all of their products are beautiful, we’re crazy about the Sharing Bowl, a handmade product with connection at it’s centre. Berries, nuts, or your favourite snack taste best shared with your loved ones.

The next company works on the unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

Hives for Humanity 

Works to create transformative opportunities for people and pollinators working specifically in lands that have been stewarded by the Coast Salish peoples for thousands of years. The honey is as rich in flavour as it is in history. They also create beautiful handmade candles, with beeswax designed to purify the air in your home.

What do all these companies have in common? A love for our Earth. By shifting your perspective, and your purchasing habits to consider the origins, materials and ingredients of what you’re putting in your body and in your home, you are in turn being kind both to yourself and to the Earth that grounds you.  



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