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We are open!

Stop by our Atelier + say hello, we carry a variety of thoughtfully sourced goods for body + home.  

Monday to Sunday - 11 to 6pm

What to expect:
Sanitizer upon entry
Shopping parties of 4 at a time
Testers and makeup available from staff on request-no self serve
Only credit or debit will be accepted
Refill program available

If you are sick, please stay home.  If you are shopping and displaying any visible signs of sickness you will be asked to come back another day.
If you have a surprise cough or sneeze please do it into your elbow and sanitize immediately after.

Harlow Atelier
655 east 15th Ave.
Vancouver BC.

Call or write us with questions, inquiries or requests!  Follow us on instagram.


@harlowskinco @harlowatelier

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Atelier Inquiries:

Wholesale Inquires: