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Flore Botanical Alchemy

Flore Archetype Wellness Oil

Flore Archetype Wellness Oil

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hero / strength / belief / courage / meditative

The W A R R I O R archetype, is known as being brave, have mental and or physical strength. The Warrior archetype wants to stay calm and composed even when things get difficult, intense, or frightening. They strive to be the leader in most, if not all, situations. Will fight for what the believe in and never gives up.

If you love our Ritual collection, this is the perfect companion.

sensualist / intimacy / passion / connection

The L O V E R archetype, , they crave intimacy and emotional connection in relationships. The most passionate. Lover of all the senses. This is an invitation to awakening, an initiation of the heart and hidden desires.


uplift / renewal / flow / independence / fertility / magnetism

The M A I D E N archetype, adventurous spirit, a time of both innocence and sexual exploration, curiosity and lots of passion. They are confident and comfortable in their own skin with a rebellious streak.



mental clarity / positivity / creation / self expression / freedom / artist

The A R T I S T archetype is a creator who is motivated by control but also has a strong desire for freedom. inspiring and daring, even provocative. Focus imagination and self-expression, a desire to create and innovate.

A complex scent with dark base notes of our shadow, encouraging exploration, expression and healing through art. The soft round touch of floral comes from our heart, a passion that is our life force. Top invigorating notes promote clarity & focus.

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