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Flore Botanical Alchemy

Flore Spirit Water

Flore Spirit Water

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In house artisan copper distilled botanical waters,  unveiling the spirit of the plant, resin & wood, then infused with sustainably wild foraged plant extracts & essential oils. Formulated as a Eau Fraiche with up to 3% botanical perfume essences, enhancing their beauty. Beautifully protected with midnight glass in a black velvet bag.

Ritual: Always shake gently before each use & spritz as a light personal fragrance for the hair, aura, body and room with lingering notes of sensory pleasure.

*these floral waters contain essential oils, so always use caution around eyes and check contradictions with pregnancy and epilepsy. The more you spritz the more condensed the scent will become, as essential oils float to the top.


Eau Fraiche.

Plant + Alchemy + Magic

Artisan co distilled waters of salvaged blue spruce, black mint, eucalyptus, bay laurel, seaweed (bladderwrack), rosemary, stinging nettle **^ and Hawaiian distilled vetiver *^ with essential oils of juniper berry, vetiver, black spruce, silver fir & amyriss.

Invoking rejuvenation of sea air, evergreens, wild mints and eucalyptus blended with deep, dark, peaceful, grounding vetiver. ( Vetiver is also known as the “oil tranquility” ) This blend brings a sense of spirit while bringing clarity & tranquility to the mind.

Inspired by our lush “Sombre” (dark) Juan de Fuca Marine trail that leads to Sombrio beach with its’ wild surfing waves , waterfalls, caves, lush green forest and dramatic rock formations. This mist is your remedy when unable to get out into nature or just want to escape, unwind and rejuvenate.

Rose + Frankincense

Eau Fraiche.

Plant + Alchemy + Magic

Artisan botanical waters of healing Boswellia Frankincense, wild garden roses & honeysuckle with essential oils & absolutes of lemongrass, rose, rose geranium, monarda, honey, frankincense & Myrrh.

A calming, beautiful resinous fragrance to encourage meditation, respectful contemplation and deep inner work.  Enhancing the connection to the divine self. 

Espirit Du Jardin

Eau Fraiche.

Plant + Alchemy + Magic

Medieval Alchemy inspired co distillation waters of our Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Rose Geranium, Costmary,  Bergamot Mint, Angelica with essential oils and absolutes of Spearmint, Litsea Cubea, Coriander, Mandarin, Laurel, Tagetes, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Labdanum, Sandalwood.& hand made poplar bud absolute

Find the connection with your spiritual body, helping to express who you are.  Gentle, uplifting & etherial. Spring wild flowers & sweet nectar.

Herbaceous / fresh

Grand Fir

Artisan copper distilled botanical waters of wildcrafted tangy Grand Fir with essential oils of  juniper berry, black spruce, treemoss & hints of coriander & wild orange

A Restorative and rejuvenating fragrance. Taking in the old growth atmosphere where nature thrives, leaving us with a sense of awakening & well being.  Rituals of Forest Therapy

Coniferous Citrus

Moon Garden

Eau Fraiche.

Plant + Alchemy + Magic

Artisan co distillation waters of our Lavender, Coastal Mugwort, Chamomile, Vanilla Leaf, Bay Laurel, & Clary Sage with essential oils and absolutes of Lavender, Geranium, Iris, neroli, Tansy, Marjoram, Cypress & Patchouli

Like the Lunar Goddess Artemis & like the moon, invites us to travel with her from the material world into the magical. May be used for dream work, moon rituals, preparation for rest & emotional purification.  A scent from another time.

Floral Herbaceous

Juniper + Sage

Eau Fraiche.

Plant + Alchemy + Magic

Artisan co distilled waters of salvaged sea side Juniper heartwood, Clary Sage, Silver Sage &  Rock Rose with essential oils and absolutes of Clary Sage, ylang ylang, Blood Cedar Heartwood, Guaiac (Palo Santo heartwood), Pinyon Pine. Labdanum & Sandalwood.

A blend of rich & creamy heartwoods for soul work & the wounded healer.  Have you ever noticed that in times of turmoil & transition, we are drawn to the desert for healing? The inspiration was one of the tolerant flora survival in the harshest environmental conditions.  Desert sacred Sage, Pine & Juniper. 

Sweet ceremonial tobacco, creamy dry woods, desert flora

Botanical Sea Mist

Plant + Alchemy + Magic

Refresh by escaping to the sea with exotic, sweet & intoxicating floral ylang ylang with calming & uplifting herbaceous lavender & hydrating sea kelp Hydrolats.

 A small batch artisanal blend of traditional copper Alambic Kauai distilled**^ ylang ylang , our own **^ lavender (co-distillation with PNW vanilla grass, St Johns wort, chamomile ) & sea kelp aromatic botanical pure spirit waters. May contain slight traces of essential oils within the hydrosol. Available for soul work through aromatherapy, flavour, skin food, toner & plant communication.

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