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Multireflexology - Beauty Pad

Multireflexology - Beauty Pad

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The Beauty Pad provides a gentle massage on its smooth side and yang stimulation on the brush side. The pads rounded spikes quickly activate the massaged area without damaging the skin, generating a very pleasant sensation that provides both relief and relaxation.

How to:

Use of the beauty pad produces fast, visible results in anti-wrinkle facial treatments.
For example, in treating a double chin, massage in small circles from the base of the chin to the maxillary angle for 4 minutes, twice a day.  

Expression lines on the forehead can be gradually smoothed out by doing a circular massage working from the centre of the brow out towards the temples.

Used on the body, the beauty pad produces yang effects to prepare and facilitate drainage in anti-cellulite treatments.

The beauty pad helps revitalize the root of the hair and can have a healthy affect on the scalp (addressing; alopecia, dandruff, dullness, itching, etc.)  and can alter the appearance and condition of the hair. Gentle stimulation for 4 minutes a day encourages micro circulation and nutrition of the scalp.


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